HBE is proud to present our Artist's Signature Series Pedals!

These days it seems everybody has a signature pedal, guitar or amp. So many of them are massed produced, often off-shore, with little or no input from the Artist. Such is not the case with our Signature Series Pedals! Each Artist has had input in every aspect of the design of the pedal. They knew exactly how they wanted the pedals to sound and exactly how they wanted them to look. The prototypes were sent back and forth several times until the pedals were right. Gary and Paul took the prototypes on the road with them confirming that the pedals performed and sounded exactly as they expected. Additionally, each pedal comes with a note from the Artist on how they use and set the pedal. So, here they are, the HBE Signature Series!

Paul Gilbert's

"Detox EQ"
The Detox EQ is a three band EQ built around the ultra quiet and warm Burr Brown IC. All three bands are very musical and useful with no harsh or missing frequencies. Master output Level control allows the user to set the Detox at unity, boost or cut. True bypass, 9 volt battery or DC adapter operation.
Paul's Sound Samples

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Gary Holt's

"Doomsday Device"
We took the Power Screamer and gave it a few twists to develop the Doomsday Device. The gain and output were increased slightly and a completely different Tone control was designed with a wider, more responsive range. That was just the start. The most lethal feature of the Doomsday Device is the Doomsday footswitch which allows the user to footswitch between the two Diode Select settings each yielding different overdrive characteristics. True bypass, 9 volt battery or DC adapter operation.

Gary's Sound Samples

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Now Available

Michael Amott  Signature Wah!

When Michael contacted us when looking for a wah, he wanted something he could use on stage and in the studio. He also wanted the wah to achieve both vintage and modern wah sounds as well as everything in between. We started with the medicine bawl and added some key features which gave him the versatility he was looking for. Yellow Fasel Inductor, External gain control, and switchable buffer. Each one hand finished and unique with the "blood splatter" design. 

Michael's Sound Samples

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